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Online NDA application form 2020 is available from January 8 to 28. The online withdrawal facility of the application form will be available from February 4 to 11, 2020. Read more on NDA 1 notification 2020 released;

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China’s new land border law & Indian concerns

The Chinese law

According to Xinhua, it states that “the Sovereignty and territorial integrity of China are sacred and inviolable, and asks the state to “take measures to safeguard the territorial integrity and land boundaries and guard against and combat any act that undermines [these]”.

China’s land borders

China shares its 22,457-km land boundary with 14 countries including India, the third-longest after the borders with Mongolia and Russia. The only other country with which China has disputed land borders is Bhutan (477 km)

A signal to India…

There is a clear distinction, clear approach that PLA will do border management Lt Gen Hooda said.

“With this new law, I don’t see the PLA pulling back from any other area (in Ladakh)” of any government. The big question is what Lt Gen Hooda said.

“Why should you want to pass a law in the midst of an ongoing standoff? You are clearly sending a message… Going forward, the negotiations will become more difficult Lt Gen Hooda said.

Or stating the obvious?

“Every country is in the business of protecting its territorial integrity, that’s the job of any government. The big question is what is your territory and there we don’t agree with each other. It is only “a whole amount of language, words, verbiage, whatever you want to call it.

Model border villages | Defence Coaching in Lucknow

“The law is not a necessary condition to be able to do that… In certain parts of Arunachal Pradesh, we know that.

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