NDA Exam 2020 Tips to score highest in Current Affairs Section

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The Warriors Defence Academy has acted in the field of NDA coaching for candidates with 0-20% of General knowledge. The top NDA Coaching Lucknow’s team mentions that students up to 12th standard do not have much time to focus on what’s going around! Thus, when they sit for the National Defence Academy Government Recruitment Examination right after 2 months that of intermediate, they find themselves not very good at current affairs. What to do? As a resolution to this, we are presenting the four top NDA Exam 2020 tips for scoring highest in the current affairs section under the guidance of the best NDA coaching in India, the Warriors Defence Academy team of educators. Let’s begin to ace:

Design a plan

When it comes to NDA home preparation, there are only factors on the bigger picture, I .e.., Mathematics and General knowledge. In between the race to practice mathematical complex equations, students lose their focus on the current affairs. However, if you view it, it is a big deal because there are a total of 150 questions in the GK section, leading to 4 marks each. On the other hand, the mathematics section holds 120 questions for 2.5 marks each. As per this calculation, you can figure out that the GK section remains longer and more valuable.

NDA Exam 2020 Tips

NDA Exam 2020 Tips
NDA Exam 2020 Tips

Thus, a student should design a plan not only for mathematics but also for the GK section. For example, if you are giving 5-6 hours to math’s, it is recommendable to give at least 1.5-2 hours to the GK section including reading newspapers, following-up previous NDA model papers, and entertaining over news channels.

Check out best Newspaper brands for NDA Exam 2020

NDA Exam 2020 Tips

The No. 1 NDA coaching in Lucknow specialists suggest that there are three best newspaper brands in India that offer to provide 100% genuine and significant information regarding current events. This list comprises Deccan Chronicles, The Times, and the Hindu. By reading these newspapers, you can fold your mind around national and international events. For the readers’ information, NDA Exam more often covers current affairs based on either very basic events or news or the most latest one. It is one of the tricks that has been most helpful for students at the Warriors Defence Academy 2019 batch.

Wrap some info on social media

Believe it or not! By deactivating all social media accounts can be a less productive move for your NDA Exam 2020 preparation. The best NDA coaching in India, Warriors Defence Academy educators mention that students focus more on the information that rests on their social media feed as compared to the news channels and newspapers.

It is because they seem attractive with pictures and other user’s views in the comment section. In this way, a student feels more connected and makes the current affair as significant info and gives it thought. This leads to driven productivity into the learning process.

Sign-up for NDA Learning Apps

The top NDA Coaching in India, Warriors Defence Academy pushes its students towards a fun way of learning. NDA learning apps present a great idea for connecting students to learning quickly. For example, you can view hundreds of GK quizzes online and prepare yourself by joining them. These Apps also make students competitive as they keep a score of their performance and inspire them to score better.

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Alongside this, at Warriors Defence Academy, the awarded No. 1 NDA coaching in Lucknow; students gather extra information regarding life at the National Defence Academy premises and much more. This institute prepares them not only for examination but also for the future in NDA.

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