Top 6 Best NDA Coaching Center in Lucknow

Top 6 Best NDA Coaching Center in Lucknow

Top 6 Best NDA Coaching Center in Lucknow

These are The Best NDA Coaching in Lucknow

1. Warrior NDA Academy – Top 6 Best NDA Coaching Center in Lucknow

Warrior Defence Academy gathered most of the experienced defense career coaches and came into existence. They provide complete grooming to aspirants who appear for written examination for NDA, CDS, and SSB interviews to become defense officers.

यह अच्छी तरह से सुसज्जित ऑडियो-विजुअल एड्स और सावधानीपूर्वक डिजाइन की गई अध्ययन सामग्री के साथ पूरी तरह से कम्प्यूटरीकृत कोचिंग है।

Frequent use of projector, Atlas, Maps & Mnemonics to make the academic lessons easy to grasp.

Personalized attention is provided to each candidate to overcome his or her shortcomings.

Contact Details: Top 6 Best NDA Coaching Centers in Lucknow

545-Ga/1-Chha Near Kapoorthala Chauraha, Beside Raidas Railway Crossing Lucknow

Mob: 9452245729, 07081011964, 073102 65001

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2. Centurion Academy – Top 6 Best NDA Coaching Center in Lucknow

The Centurion Academy is the Premier, the Finest, and the Best Academy for Services Selection Board (SSB) Interviews for officer level entry into the Armed Forces of India (Army, Navy, and Air Force).

With the availability of separate hostel facilities for boys and girls over the lush green, pollution-free, SSB-like environment it also offers a fully equipped ground for GTO training and a dedicated Obstacle course.

The Centurion academy has an unbeatable track record of over 5000+ officers trained to succeed in past years. It has 4 centers in Lucknow itself.

Contact Details: Top 6 Best NDA Coaching Centers in India


Centurion Defence Academy

Raj Pal Plaza

Near Awadh Hospital

Alambagh, Lucknow

Pin: 226005


Centurion Defence Academy

Awadh Chauraha

Opp. Awadh Hospital

Alambagh, Lucknow

Pin: 226005


Centurion Academy

2nd Floor, Goel Plaza

Faizabad Road, Indira Nagar

Lucknow – 226016


Centurion Academy

Guru Kripa Complex

Above Canara Bank

Mohanlal Ganj, Lucknow

Pin: 226301

Mob. No: 9795977779, +91 7080638888,

Miss Call no: 9205516300


3. Shield Defence Academy

Shield Defence Academy is also one of the renowned NDA coachings in Lucknow.

Proficient faculties and well management are what its known for. They guide students systematically and build up the best in you.

From “I want to be an officer” to “I am an officer”, Shield academy creates a pathway to success through one own potential. It guides students both for written examination and for SB interviews.

It has a planned process for the selection into a reputed career of defense.

Contact Details: Top 6 Best NDA Coaching Centers in Lucknow, India

Beg Tower,

Near Sahara Shopping Center,

Lekhraj Chauraha.

Faizabad Road, Indra Nagar


Mob: 09454551848//9519441948//9519441949

4. Legend Defence Academy

Legend Defence Academy provides the properly planned strategy to sincere and motivated students who dream to don the uniform of armed forces.

It also provides library facilities as well as study materials keeping your career as our first priority.

They analyze student’s strength and weaknesses and then work upon to evolve and overall personality that genuinely fits that of an officer in the Indian Armed Forces.

यहां एक उम्मीदवार को पढ़ाया नहीं जाता है, बल्कि अपने पूरे जीवनकाल के लिए व्यावहारिक, कुशलतापूर्वक और प्रभावी ढंग से सोचने और कार्य करने के लिए प्रशिक्षित किया जाता है।

Contact Details:

2nd Floor-Sadaf Centre

Opp. Sahara Press,



Mob: 9919977997


5. Cavalier India

कैवेलियर इंडिया की स्थापना 23 साल पहले हुई थी और अब इसकी शाखाएं पूरे भारत में हैं जैसे कि इसका प्रधान कार्यालय बैंगलोर में है, और लखनऊ, पुणे, चंडीगढ़, तिरुवनंदपुरम, कोच्चि में शाखा कार्यालय हैं।

It has emerged as the most dependable and time-tested organization in the field of SSB coaching which has helped turn the dreams of thousands of aspiring candidates into reality.

Cavalier India has revolutionized SSB with the first to go digital by creating a unique SSB coaching website and to introduce hi-tech, interactive and realistic techniques for SSB/NDA/CDS and AFCAT coaching.

It also has a hostel and transport facility for students’ convenience.

Contact Details:

2ndFloor-Raja Ram Kumar Plaza

(Opp. Tej Kumar Plaza),


Lucknow – 226001

Mob: 89601 22244

Toll-Free No’s- 1800 425 8939


6. Centurion Defence Academy

Centurion Defence Academy can provide you best assistance and guidance for written as well as for SSB Interview program.

एनडीए परीक्षाओं के लिए स्व-तैयारी करने और पिछले परीक्षा पत्रों की समीक्षा करने के अलावा, लखनऊ में एक प्रतिष्ठित रक्षा संस्थान में पंजीकृत होना आवश्यक है।

we comprise highly skilled, trained, and retired army personnel who render excellent training to the aspirants.

This is the main reason why Centurion Defence Academy is Best NDA Coaching.

पाठ्यक्रम के अलावा, कई अन्य पहलू हैं जिन पर अलंकृत रूप से चर्चा की जाती है।

व्यक्तित्व विकास, संचार कौशल, सॉफ्ट, कौशल विकास और टीम निर्माण पाठ्यक्रम उन छात्रों के लिए तैयार किए जाते हैं जो खुद को सेंचुरियन डिफेंस अकादमी में सर्वश्रेष्ठ कोचिंग संस्थान में नामांकित करते हैं।

We work effortlessly to give the potential exam-oriented coaching and additionally provide the students with online test series and mock tests at a pre-scheduled time.

The dedicated team and staff members have built up the most effective coaching methods that are helping students over the years.

With state- of -art infrastructure and highly qualified staff, Centurion Defence Academy has bagged the position in the list of top 5 NDA coaching institutes of Lucknow.

Dedicated staff and conducive teaching-learning methods make this coaching institute one of the best and result-oriented educational institutes with the approach of holistic development.


Centurion Defence Academy
Raj Pal Plaza
Near Awadh Hospital
Alambagh, Lucknow
Pin: 226005

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